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10 Best Apps to Download Before You Head to the Gym 2024

10 Best Apps to Download Before You Head to the Gym 2024

As we enter a new year, it’s human nature to focus on “a new year, a new me!” But after a festive season with friends and family, we can struggle to get back on track. Whether it’s time to lace up your trainers and face your fitness goals or replace unhealthy habits, there is an app for you!

Living in a tech world takes the pressure off finding a suitable personal trainer to guide or keep us accountable in the gym. Now, we can have the perfect workout at our fingertips.


Stay Secure When Using Workout Apps

Stay Secure When Using Workout Apps

Here’s how a VPN keeps you safe while using workout apps:

  1. Keep Your Info Secret: A VPN scrambles the data you send and gets from your workout app. So, your details, exercise plans, health info, and payment details stay out of the hacker’s hands.
  2. Hides Your Location: It masks your IP address. It means no one can track what you do online. It’s super handy if your workout app checks your location or if you’re on public Wi-Fi.
  3. Protects Your Payments: Using a workout app that handles money? A VPN adds extra security. It keeps your financial details hidden and safe from online threats.
  4. Unblocks Content: Some workout apps block stuff in certain areas. A VPN can get around these blocks, letting you access everything as if in a different place.
  5. Stops Trackers: It stops the app and others from spying on how you use it, like your habits and personal info.

When searching for the best VPN to enhance your workout app experience, aim for a perfect blend of functionality and affordability. Opt for VPN services that offer swift connections, prioritize your data privacy, and provide unlimited data and usage. A great example is Surfshark. Also, remember that opting for longer subscription plans often leads to more economical pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Just remember, that while a VPN boosts your safety, it’s also key to pick workout apps with strong privacy and security protocols in place.

How to Choose the Best Workout App for you?

How to Choose the Best Workout App for you

The reality is that not one of us has the same fitness goals. You might focus on strength training, whereas another might look for an app to lose weight. Curious about what you’re signing up for? Let’s break it down:

  • Test Drive: Wondering if you can try before you buy? Check if there’s a trial period or if your card dives in headfirst at sign-up.
  • Cost Comparison: How does the monthly hit to your wallet stack up against other apps?
  • User-Friendly Factor: Is navigating the app a breeze or a maze?
  • Keeping You on Track: How does the app ensure you stay committed to your fitness journey?
  • Gear Up: What equipment will you need to get the most out of your workouts? And can you tailor workouts to suit a more modest home gym setup?

Our Pick of the 10 Best Workout Apps in 2024

Our Pick of the 10 Best Workout Apps in 2024

  • Future: Best Personal Training App

The Future app is our go-to choice if you need workout guidance. This app lets you easily find your ideal coach—just filter by coaching style – detail-oriented, laidback, or high-energy. You can pick a coach for their expertise in bodybuilding, adaptive exercise, or injury prevention. And if you need to, you’re free to change coaches anytime.

  • Nike Training Club: Best Free App

Nike’s free strength training app makes starting weight workouts at home or the gym easy. With this free app, you don’t have to stress about creating a good workout. Instead, you can focus on other things, like deciding on something healthy for dinner.

  • JuggernautAI: Best Powerlifting App

JuggernautAI offers an AI-driven powerlifting program. Instead of a coach, you input details like weak points, workout history, personal records, and recovery habits. The AI then crafts a powerlifting plan tailored to you.

  • Centr: Best Strength Training App

CENTR, created by Chris Hemsworth (a.k .a. Thor from Marvel movies), is a fitness app. Don’t expect to bulk up exactly like the superhero, though. Even if you can’t match Thor’s muscles right away, we love CENTR for its all-around coaching approach.

  • iFit: Best Versatile Workout App

IFIT stands out among other top fitness apps we’ve looked at. It’s designed for iFIT-compatible cardio equipment such as ellipticals, rowers, exercise bikes, and treadmills. But it’s not just about machines; there’s a huge variety of other workouts like HIIT, yoga, pilates, and strength training.

  • Aaptiv: Best For Beginners

Aaptiv is our favorite fitness app for beginners. It’s not just about great workouts; it offers a fair monthly fee and helps keep you accountable. We chose Aaptiv for newbies since its overall programming might not meet the needs of those at intermediate or advanced levels. But it’s a great place to start.

  • Ladder: Best for Progression

Ladder is a fitness app with many strength training options. It’s got equipment-focused programs and ones tailored to different training styles. You can get personalized program suggestions from Ladder based on your goals and style or choose the Elite subscription. With Elite, you’re matched with a trainer for one-on-one coaching.

  • Caliber: Best for Overall Training

Caliber is the best overall workout app because it’s got something for everyone. Choose from a forever-free version or two paid plans for group coaching or personalized one-on-one sessions. The free Caliber app is ad-free and boasts a massive library of over 500 exercises. Each comes with a demo video, clear instructions, and a feature to track your weights and reps. You can even see your progress history and create your workouts, which is fantastic.

  • Beyond the Whiteboard: Best Crossfit Workout App

Beyond the Whiteboard, aimed at the CrossFit crowd, is great for home and commercial gym users. It’s our favorite for detailed data tracking, covering workouts, metrics, and scores. It’s also top-notch for gym owners to monitor their members’ workout data. Plus, it lets clients manage their tracking. Gym owners can share an access code with clients for free logging of workouts and PR tracking.

  • Down Dog: Best Yoga Workout App

Down Dog provides a personalized and unique yoga experience. You can select your preferred time, level, focus, voice, and music. Down Dog ensures that every yoga practice is tailored just for you, creating a studio-like atmosphere wherever you are. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, this app adapts to your needs, providing diverse yoga practices to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Bottom Line

10 Best Apps to Download Before You Head to the Gym 2024 (1)

There are many great workout apps out there to guide you through your 2024 gym journey, depending on your fitness goals for the new year. All that’s left to do is pick the app that’s best for you and get started.

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