Scout Climbing and Climbing Merit Badge

The Boston Rock Gym offers a variety of programs designed specifically for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of all ages. Join the 50 different Scout groups in the Boston area who’ve taken advantage of the climbing programs at the BRG.

Private Belay:

If you are looking for a fun afternoon for your troop, a Private Belay -- where an experienced belayer handles the ropes for you -- may be a good option.  For more information, check out our Private Belay page.

Merit Badge:

We also prepare Scouts for the Climbing Merit Badge. The goal of the Climbing Merit Badge is for Scouts to become comfortable with belaying, climbing, and rappelling and with the equipment associated with those activities.

This lession will teach Scouts how to use their safety gear and how to tie the correct knots associated with climbing activities. There is no guarantee that any or all Scouts will complete the Merit Badge in one day. Future appointments may need to be made.  

  • TIME: 4 hours. Please call the Boston Rock Gym at 781.935.7325 or send us an email to set up a time that works for your troop.
  • Limit: 12 Scouts (Kids must be at last 12 years old to belay in the gym).
  • Cost: $50 per Scout

* Note: Blue Cards will not be provided by the Boston Rock Gym or Climbing Merit Badge Counselor. The troop must bring the Blue Cards themselves. The course is 4 hours long and we cannot guarantee that all Scouts will fullfill the requirements in the allotted 4-hour time period. Additional sessions may be neccessary.