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The Boston Rock Gym is committed to being the hub of rock climbing in New England. This means offering the absolute best in outdoor courses and professionally guided climbing adventures. We firmly believe that outdoor climbing is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, climbing experience, or fitness level. That's why we offer such a wide variety of courses specifically designed to get you outside. Whether it's your or your child's first time climbing or you have years of climbing experience but want to take things to the next level...we've got the course for you! All of our courses are lead by experienced passionate climbers certified by the American Mountain Guides Association so you know you're getting the best outdoor climbing experience available. Reach new heights with us!

Spring/Summer/Fall Outdoor Climbing Courses

Spring, Summer, and Fall are great seasons for rock climbing in New England. Our specialized outdoor climbing classes will help you to improve your skills and to make the most of the region's many different rock types and challenges.

Intro to Outdoor Climbing

This class is a full-day introduction to outdoor rock climbing. If you have never climbed or if you have indoor experience only we’ll help you with the transition from gym to crag. The entire class is taught at the cliff. All the basic skills are covered, from knots and gear to climbing technique. We will give you an overview of the various disciplines of climbing with a focus on top-roping.

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Family Intro to Outdoor Climbing

We know how critical it is that children have fun when they first start to climb! We offer a family introduction to climbing that is less focused on the technical stuff aspects of climbing and more focused on family fun.  This class is perfect for families with children under the age of 14!

Have fun, learn the basics of climbing outdoors, and give your children an experience they will never forget.

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Top-rope Set Up & Management

After work you need to climb - for fun or for sanity.
So whom do you climb with?
This full day course will teach you to set up basic top-ropes so you and your friend or relatives* can be climbing on your own. (Relatives can be friends, it depends on your family.)
Now that you are on your own, the responsibility is yours. From the approach, to the walk out, we will help prepare you to climb on your own. Available for climbers interested in learning how to properly set-up top ropes.

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Private Guiding

Whether you’re interested in discovering a new route or need practice with your outdoor rock climbing skills in general, our private guides and instructors can help you accomplish your goals.

Come with us to discover the best routes in New England. Our guides have climbed all over New England and will have an interesting choice of routes depending on what you can do and on how much you want to challenge yourself. With a private guide you will get individualized instruction and a route adapted to your skills.


Please give us a call at 781.935.7325 or click here to send us an email to set up your next outing with one of our guide.


  • Spring/Summer/Fall Outdoor Climbing

    Spring, Summer, and Fall are great seasons for rock climbing in New England. Our specialized outdoor climbing classes will help you improve your skills and make the most of the regions many different rock types and challenges.



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