NuSchool Technique Courses

NuSchool is our innovative curriculum-based climbing technique courses.  Designed for both the beginner and the experienced climber who is frustrated with a performance plateau. Learn all the tricks from experienced and talented climbing instructors. Begin with the Basic Technique Courses, or test-out to start in a higher level course.

  • Classes are 2.5 hours long.
  • Classes must be booked and paid for in advance. SPACE IS LIMITED!
  • Students should be taking the classes in the order listed below.
  • Students must take all the classes in one level before advancing.
  • Level testing is required if you wish to begin your NuSchool experience at a level above the Basic Courses (i.e., Intermediate or Advanced courses).
  • Level testing is available every day that NuSchool classes are offered and happens 30 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Appointment for a level test is necessary.

Check below for bookings and availability, or call us at 781.935.7325.


Basic Technique Courses

The Basic Technique Courses aim to offer an in-depth introduction to climbing technique and movement. Begin to learn some of the techniques that allow some climbers to move effortlessly up the wall. Learn to develop an arsenal of climbing techniques to get you to the next level.

  • Hand and Foot Basics explores the variety of ways to hold on to (and stand on) holds that seem impossible to use, and to gain the foresight to grab them right the first time. This class also goes over the basic terminology used in the climbing world.
  • Sequencing discusses the theory and puts in to practice the types of strategies climbers use to defeat the hardest climbs. Bouldering safety is also covered in detail.
  • Climbing Without Pulling explores the creativity and the range of possibilities of what climbing movement can be. This class will change the way you look at climbs forever.


Intermediate Technique Courses

Building upon your training from the Basic Technique Courses, you will now learn how to bring your climbing to a higher level. By becoming more efficient, skilled and stronger, you will add grace and power to your climbing.

  • Climbing Smarter is where basic concepts are combined creating new movements which allow for maximum climbing efficiency.
  • Intro to Climbing on Steeper Terrain gets you out of the vertical world and on to the steep walls. Learn the number one technique that revolutionized modern climbing!


Advanced Technique Course

The Advanced Technique Course is designed to move you into a deeper realm of advanced movement. Develop the master techniques that will transform you into an elite climber capable of pushing the limits of climbing movement.

  • Advanced Body Positions builds upon all that you have learned and brings you to a place where your own style and strengths begin to shine through in your climbing. We will explain and help you expand and reconfigure the possibilities of movement and technique.

Minimum age for NU School classes is 14. 



"Myself and two friends had signed up for the "Welcome to Our World" package in June and completed the intro class and the first technique class. I wanted to express my gratification regards to the NuSchool rock climbing classes. It's a fantastic introduction and the classes I've taken so far have been thorough and challenging. It certainly is a big change from sitting at a desk for countless hours at work!"

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