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BRG Technical Rope Access Services

BRG Technical provides a wide array of Rope Access Services (RAS). The company specializes in rope access rigging, safety supervision, advice for film, TV and rigging for promotional events. It also provides rope access equipment and work at height training.

About BRG Technical

Chris O' Connell and Nick Lewis each have more than 20 years experience providing services related to rock climbing, rope access and working at height. Their experience and the experience of their team range from movie double to stunt production to stadium cleaning. In 2012 they decided to combine their experience and create BRG Technical.

Our philosophy: No high place is too difficult to reach safely.

BRG Technical services

Our offering is still growing and we welcome all challenges. We currently offer and have expertise in the following areas:

  • High and difficult access work
  • Rope Access Consulting, Supervision and Training
  • Vertical Access for Films & TV
  • Aerial Stunts, Fashion Shows and Marketing Events
  • Banner and Displays Installation & Rigging


Vertical access for the movie industry and TV production

movieconsultingIn partnership with the talented staff of Boston Rock Gym, BRG Technical has been involved in the production support of film and video for magazines, product marketing, brochures, television and movies . We have helped production companies national and international. BRG Technical provides all aspects of vertical film consult and support:

  • Site safety management
  • Site location
  • Local talent search
  • Rope and Rigging for camera operators and talent.
  • Emergency response and rescue
  • Security  and supervision.

We provide all kinds of technical support for the production set and stage. Combining our experience and expertise, our staff can assist in meeting your production needs and goals. Learn more about BRG Technical services for the movie industry

Aerial Stunts for Events & Fashion Shows

vertical-fashion-showWhether it is a Corporate Event, Product Launch, Grand Entrance or Private Party, We will work with you to give a vertical dimension to your next event.

We can give new meaning to coming down the runway!

The runway is not flat anymore.  BRG Technical can help you create a Vertical fashion show. The side of a building can become your new runway.

Read more about BRG Technical Events, Parties, Fashion shows


Industrial rope access: High and difficult access work

Yankee-StadiumIndustrial Rope Access is an effective method of safely working at height or in difficult to access locations. The combination of specialist training and the use of specific techniques and specialised equipment for rope access allows safe, efficient, cost-effective and versatile solutions to work at height or in area with difficult access problems.  such as high-rise window and facade cleaning, general stadium maintenance and repair, inspection work on some of the world's highest structures.

  • Construction.
  • Deconstruction.
  • Inspection.
  • Cleaning.
  • Maintenance.
  • Safety Management and Staff training.


 Banner Display Installation & Rigging

BRG technical provides banner installation on high rise buildingBusinesses, Shopping Centres, Museums and public areas often install promotional, marketing and seasonal displays. Combining our rope access skills with high risk work licences in rigging, we can install and use a range of off the shelf or custom designed display systems.

BRG Technical can install promotional displays, Banners, Light Box signs, Hanging Signs, and extrodinary items.

The benefit of our rope access approach to the installation lies in its safety, competence, and flexibility. As we do not need heavy equipment we can install your sign without disturbing your business.

We will help you design and install lifting systems for temporary or permanant displays. Mechanical or electrical, custom design or purchased systems, no matter the space, no matter the difficulties, BRG technical can help with any display installation.

All personnel are experienced in installing various types of signs , banner installations and display , no matter the size and or location we can do it all, our philosophy for signage is “No Building too High and No Sign too Big”.


Supervision and Training


rope access-trainingBRG Technical provide consultants to help managers and teams lay out action plans for the procedures and suitable training associated with all difficult remote access and rope rescue operations.

Our consultants help you organize, develop and carry out appropriate training programs to meet your remote access problems. BRG Technical will help you train your team to assess and complete difficult access and rescue tasks, safely, saving money, legal fees, fines and civil law cases.

Safety of the teams and trainees is paramount in all our high angle rescue training courses whilst providing the resources and material backed with a sound basis of site practice. All training is evaluated to assure competence is reached to award  IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) qualifications.

We offers: · Certified and traceable training equipment · Instructors credentials · Insurance coverage · Training manuals · Customized training sessions