BRG in the Media Rock Your Body at the Boston Rock Gym in Woburn

"With a variety of programs for adults and kids, as well as outdoor excursions, there’s something for everyone at the Boston Rock Gym. All in all, it’s a fun activity, it will keep you fit, and it is also a cool place to beat the summer heat." June 3, 2013

Climbing Business Journal: Gyms Take on Outdoor Climbing

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"Many climbing gyms help climbers wanting to make the transition to outdoor climbing by offering classes and guided trips....Boston Rock Gym...and many others offer ‘Intro to the Outdoors’ instruction." October 7, 2013





Boston Magazine: Fit Trend: Indoor Rock Climbing

rockclimbing"Indoor rock climbing mimics the experience of outdoor climbing but in a more controlled (and most-likely safer) environment. But indoor rock climbing is now a fitness trend, practiced by people of all ages and athletic abilities that may never want to bring the climbing outdoors. We asked Chris O’Connell, owner of the Boston Rock Gym, why rock climbing is a great workout and how to get started." January 4, 2013




Sports Illustrated : A Climbing Establishment That Sends You Right Up The Wall

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"A rock climber is perched 30 feet above the ground, toes and fingers clinging spiderlike to holds no wider than a quarter. He surveys the rough surface above him. Seeking. Calculating. He must move quickly. There....

This isn't one of nature's massive rock formations. It's the Boston Rock Gym, a storefront climbing facility that caters daily to the walk-in trade." April 30, 1990