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Title: Intro to Multi Pitch: Intermediate to Advanced Rock Climbing
Date: 08.23.2014 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: North Conway, Carroll County, NH, United States
Description: Nine hundred feet of climbing is about the height of the Hancock Tower in Boston. Does that sound like a fun climb? If you have experience and you want to get better? If you have climbed indoors or have had a basic lesson outdoors and you want to go bigger? You are ready for multi pitch!

Skills learned:
Anchor placement
Protection placement and removal
Rope management transitions

All are different when your feet are not on the ground. We cover it and help you get comfortable.

This class is limited to 3 participants, but still requires at least 2 participants to run. If less than 2 people are signed up a week prior to the event, we will contact you to either cancel or re-schedule your class.
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